For better effect, read this in Nick Fury’s voice: “There was an idea to bring together a group of remarkable people so that when we needed them, they could write things that we couldn’t…”
It’s the year’s first post, so Happy New Year.
The Blog has been known over the years to be the Press Team (stroke amebo) of the faculty, and it has always owed its progress to a particular group of people who are recruited every year, based solely on merit. This set of people bring the sauce to areas ranging from all the law stuff to fashion, to sports, politics, event reporting, interviews, entertainment, and others that are barely legal.
Ladies and Gentlemen, Critics and Lovers, Glo users and Arsenal fans, here are the bad guys (and their slice) that will bring you the sauce and spice and juice and pepper for this session, with no ketchup; the 2017/2018 Blog team:

  • CLINTON. –Interviews, Literature.

“The real is still on the rise.” Class of ’21.

  • SOPE. -Literature, Interviews, Events reporting.

M1 (59 of 89)
Struggling law student with dreams of becoming a chef. Oh did I mention short? Class of ’19.

  • DOMINIC. -Sports.

M1 (65 of 89)
“My kind comes once in thirty billion years; I am the mirror image of a true prodigy.” Class of ’21.

  • PRINCEWILL. -Interviews, Literature.

M1 (50 of 89)
“I write the way I talk; simply lively.” Class of ’19.

  • THE MARE. –Interviews, Vox pop.

M1 (13 of 89)
Role model. Class of ’19.

  • SOGO. -Entertainment, Interviews.

M1 (86 of 89)
“I’m not supposed to tell y’all but get your surf boards because it is gonna be hella wavy.” Class of ’21.

  • GRACE. -Literature, Interviews, Events reporting.

M1 (52 of 89)
“Low-key with some serious wowing effect.” Class of ’19.

  • ISE. -Sports.

M1 (16 of 89)
“I write facts, and whether you choose to believe or not, they remain facts.” Class of ’19.

  • WALE. -Fashion, Politics.

“I am Wale. I am confident.” Class of ’19.

  • MAKUA. -Entertainment, Vox pop.

M1 (28 of 89)
“Manners maketh man.” Class of ’19.


“Ubi juice, ibi sauce.” Class of ’19.

  • TAIWO. -Content Director, Administrator of the Blog, Everything.

M1 (29 of 89)
“Non-conformist quiet extrovert. I don’t like people.” Class of ’19.
“Reading is not just academics, it is doing everything in your power to ensure that you are never ever myopic in your perception of the world,” said a wise man, and we are here to make sure you never ever get that myopic perception. You can also have your article or write-up (on any aspect of this hard life) published on the blog by sending a self-authored piece to
M1 (74 of 89)
…for the eyes to see, the head to conceive, and the hand to write.
#Revival #YeahLikeEminemKindaRevival #SauceTeam #NoKetchup #DrippingSauce #Y’allNotReady #TooMuchHashtags #TooMuchTalent #IfYouKnowYouKnow #Pizzout.
For the Blog.


  1. I’m quite interested in Grace… Would like to experience the wowing effect in person…
    Team’s looking good this year. More power to you Taiwo. Do us proud

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