On Friday, the 16th of March 2018, the heatwave continued in all its scorching glory. Like that was not enough, it was the day three of the elite associations of the Faculty decided to bring on more heat. And my, did it live up to its billing.
The theme of #MOT2018, “The Quest For A Developed Nigerian Economy: The Role Of The Tax, Oil and Gas and Maritime Sectors” (*inserts fire emoji*) was brought to the slaughterhouse by a handful of prestigious legal practitioners, who have spent more years in practice than many of us have spent simply existing. Relying on that fact alone was enough reason for us to tap into their reservoir of exposition. If we didn’t come for other reasons, that is.
IMG_20180318_134651 IMG_20180318_134430 IMG_20180318_134458
The well-known venue, Julius Berger Hall, was not considerably packed until halfway into the programme. Apparently, a good many of us decided to have it chilled and pop by at our convenience. That did not however interfere with the flow of the show in any way. The major takeouts are the usuals: taxation is the fuel on which the engine of the state runs, the maritime sector is vital and that continued overreliance on oil will deal a lethal blow to Nigeria’s economy.
The duo of Toroti and the delectable Tax Club lady did a very solid job as comperes. As for interactive session, it was as you would expect.
IMG_20180318_134720 IMG_20180318_134758 IMG_20180318_134905 IMG_20180318_134825
-“The slide presentations could have been better handled. One of the facilitators was already rounding up her address when her presentation popped up.”
-“The female compere from Tax club was delectable. I’m sure I didn’t say that earlier.”
-“At the end of the programme, Toroti announced that food would be brought to our respective seats. Everyone left to ‘take pictures’ and no one came back for the food. If you know, you know.”
IMG_20180318_134931 IMG_20180318_134530 IMG_20180318_134609
If you were not at this year’s #MOT, you essentially missed your chance. That’s all I can say.
Ya boi, Clinton.


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