A member of the Law class of ’21, Praise is not your regular student who is all books and no fun. She was so nice and welcoming when I approached her to be the personality of the week. She even agreed to have a virtual interview (I wondered how I would pull it off despite bit being my idea). She is a member of Tax Club and the Oil and Gas Bar.
So what is your full name?
PRAISE: Praise Sanni Adeniyi.
What are your hobbies?
PRAISE: My hobbies are Painting (obviously), reading and writing as well sha.
IMG_20180401_012107 IMG_20180401_012050
Any favourite food?
PRAISE: Plantain (wagbayi!)
What attracted you to art?
PRAISE: I actually do not know. I feel like I have just been doing it since forever so nothing in particular attracted me to art, it has just been in me all the while.
Do you have a favourite drawing?
PRAISE: I do not really have a favourite drawing because I think this is my favourite drawing then I paint again and it becomes my favourite drawing so I do not have one per se.
IMG-20180331-WA0019 IMG-20180331-WA0040
Why are you not studying visual art?
PRAISE: I am not studying art because I do not want to put all my eggs in one basket, I have to the place I am in art through self-development and self-teaching. I have never been to any art school or any professional training so I feel like if I could develop this well on my own, there is no length in art I cannot develop.
What growing up was like with art?
PRAISE: It has always been nice, I have always been the girl that can draw and everyone wanted me to draw them. It always kept me on the popular side.
IMG-20180331-WA0035 IMG_20180401_012141 IMG-20180331-WA0047
What are your plans after law?
PRAISE: Well, as regards law, I would probably go into women and child’s rights. It is a whole plan, I really do not like to share my goals openly but with people that are similar minded with me so I don’t put it out there for everybody to know because some people can like to ridicule my goals and I do not want that but I have really big goals. As per art, I want to have my art studio and maybe set up a mini art school to teach people about art.
IMG-20180331-WA0023 IMG-20180331-WA0032
Has there been any achievement with art?
PRAISE: I have won a couple of awards; gotten a lot of prices, popularity, travelled because of art, make MONEY, definitely MONEY (in capital letters). That has been the most beautiful part of it because a lot of times I just do things on my own because I have the money to do them without having to ask my parents.
On a final note, what is your advice to law students?
PRAISE: Mind your business. They get too involved in too many people’s businesses so please mind your business (lol, jokes tho). My advice to every law student is to stop saying law is too hard, just pray and try to figure it out, find something that when your head is packed up with law, you can easily ease it out with something else.
Treat yourself to the awesome art by Praise 🙂

“It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.” -George Herman Ruth.

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